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Mod List

Season 1 Mod’s

MCM Boarding Ramp – Spartan Version (Balanced)

Exterior Hatch

(DX11) Spaceballs – Mr. Coffee, Mr. Radar and more

(DX11)Letters Mod

(DX11) Solarpanels

Light Block Improvements – easy control panel access

Better Stone v6.9.1

Small Ships Go-Large

Small Ship Mega Mod Pack [100% DX-11 Ready]

Mod List Builder

Laser Point Defense

Mexpex Warfare Industries V1.0.2

CMDBob’s Weapons


Tiered Engine Super Pack

Energy Shields

Nanobot Build and Repair System

Ladder – climbable!


Deuterium Fusion Reactors

MA Gimbal Laser Turret

Spiral Stairs

Missile Guidance Block

Large Block Torpedo Parts MK2


Smart Turrets

Weapon Rack

RB Compact Battery

Button Panels Mod Pack DX-11(Updated)

Modern Beds (CryoChamber)

Merge Tunnel

TH High Flow Air Vent

Medical Facilities

Compact Antenna for DirectX 11

[Dx11]DeadTech – Catwalk Pack

Conveyor Air Vent – full sized block (and slope!)

Space Data Center

Colorable ‘Green Screen’ Chroma Keying Block [MOD]

[BETA] Defense Shields – Mod Pack

Corruption – PvE Combat